RM01-001 Medical Oxygen Mask

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Made of medical grade PVC With adjustable nose clip With elastic strap With 2m tubing Size: S(Pediatric), M ( Child ) , L (Adult) , XL ( Adult Elongated) Colors: Green  /  Natural Color  (White) Masks that are DEFP free and 100% latex free are available. An oxygen mask is a medical device placed over the nose and mouth to supply oxygen. Oxygen masks are especially used when a patient suffers from respiratory ailments and cannot get enough oxygen from the air. Surprisingly, oxygen is considered a drug medication and must be prescribed by a physician. The physician determines the amount of oxygen needed at an exact setting and rate. Too little oxygen can result in fatigue and too much oxygen is not good for the lungs. Oxygen masks be used for short-term and long-term therapy in both home and hospital settings. The oxygen can be supplied from a metal cylinder or other containers. Oxygen is flowed through a tube from an oxygen source and delivered into the lungs via the oxygen mask. It is important to know that oxygen therapy can be a fire hazard. If used at home, proper training and equipment is necessary before administering oxygen therapy. The flow rate for the simple face mask is between 4 to 8 LPM.  The simple face mask differs from the Non-Rebreathing in that outside air is mixed with the incoming oxygen. All materials used in construction of the Oxygen Mask ,and the Oxygen Tubing are latex free, soft and smooth surface without sharp edge and object, They have no undesirable effects on the Oxygen/Medication passing through under ordinary conditions of use. Mask Material are hypoallergenic and shall resist ignition and rapid burning, Produced with smooth edges to keep the wearer comfortable CE Certificate, ISO 13485 can be approved OEM & ODM are availableconstruction: 1. Medium concentration ; 2. with elastic strap; 3. adjustable nose clip; 4. With an anti-crush, 2m oxygen tubing Size: SPediatric), M ( Child ) , L (Adult) , XL ( Adult Elongated) Expiry date: 5 years Store claim: store in dark, dry and clean conditions
Form of packing 1pc packing in PE bag, 50pcs/100pcs in one carton

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